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What does the colour of your helmet say about you

why are we using helmet?

Helmet are useful, we use helmet as safety gear to prevent injuries of any kind in an uncontrolled environment like sites, roads, workshops and companies.

Helmet can prevent or minimize injury to the head and brain.

How does a helmet do the magic

Human brains can be injured by impact or by exceptionally violent rotation of the head, when the brain remains stationary, giving blood vessels and nerves a yank. helmets made to handle major crash, when you crash and hit your head on a hard surface, the foam part of a helmet crushes, controlling the crash energy. In other hand it is also designed for lesser impacts and it does not necessarily have foam inside.

Let now look at the different colour of helmets and what does each colour stand for.

Colour white helmet

Colour white helmets are for Engineers Supervisors, Managers and Foremen. But some people don't know this they just pick helmet randomly.

Colour blue helmet

Colour blue helmets are for Technical operators, Electrician and Carpenters.

Colour Red helmet

Colour red helmets are just met for fire fighters alone.

Colour Green helmet

Colour green helmet are for safety Officers

Colour Gray helmet

Colour gray helmets are unique because they are just met for visitors.

Colour Yellow helmet

Colour yellow helmet are for Labourers and Earth moving Operator.

Colour Brown helmet

Colour brown helmets are for welders and workers with high heat application. This type of helmet always come with goggles

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