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4 Reasons Why Cars Overheat

1. Insufficient Engine Oil

Apart from lubricating the engine to run smoothly, another job of the lubricating oil is to regulate the overall temperatures in the engine.

2. Issues With Your Radiator

The radiator's job in your car is to make sure that the coolant is cooled down as it is passing through it. If its fans are not working or are faulty, the car's temperature will naturally increase.

3. Clogged Heat Exchanger

If you have a blocked heat exchanger unit, the flow of coolant can be tampered with or even totally stopped. This can also cause your vehicle to accumulate heat and thereby overheat.

4. Leaks In Your Cooling System

Sometimes, there may be one or more leaks in your coolant reservoir tank which will sooner or later cause an empty tank. You may notice leaks in your coolant by colored puddles in the ground. It is mostly distinguished by its sweet smell.

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