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10 Most Expensive Things All Around The World

10 Most Expensive Things All Around The World

According to the latest list of billionaires by Forbes, we have 2095 billionaires in the world. There are more number of expensive things in the world than the number of people who can actually afford them. Trust me when I say this, there are some immensely expensive things in the world that almost all of us cannot afford barring a few! Here are some list!

Robert Kuok Yacht

Lets face it, Yacht is not something that anyone can randomly purchase. You need a lot of money for it! This is arguably the most expensive Yacht in the world and Robert Kuok had to shell out $5 million for this!

Chopard Blue Diamond

If its diamond, its expensive and that is given! Now the fact is that most of the diamonds that you will ever come across will be super expensive but this one is literally beyond limits! The cost of this diamond is estimated to be around $16 million. WOW!!!

Costliest Watch

Generally cost is not regarded a super luxury item but then it depends on the cost of it honestly! The one that you see in this image is the costliest watch in the world. It looks super expensive, right?

1962 Made Ferrari

Ferrari is one of the most expensive car brands in the world. Ferrari 250 GTO is known as the most expensive car in the world and it was sold with an unbelievable price of $35 million. How about a piece each for your gang?

The Walking Man

The Walking Man is a bronze sculpture by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin. It was created by Rodin during 1877 and 1878. Now the point is, it is so old and unique that it is regarded as one of the most expensive ones!


There have been multiple iconic painters that our world has seen and their work is considered to be a classic. But this painting that you are seeing is one of the most expensive you'll ever see. The bid for this painting started at $20 million and it went for $48 million!

Super Expensive

Wait, if you thought the above painting is one of the most expensive, you are mistaken. Look at this one. This abstract painting is renowned piece of contemporary art and was sold for $140 million!


What you are looking at right now is the most expensive private house in the world. The name of this house is Antilia and it belongs to the fifth richest man in the world and the richest man in India and Asia, Mr Mukesh Ambani! The house is situated in Mumbai and costs a whooping $1 billion!

Bluefin tuna

How can a fish be so expnsive, right? Well, ask Kiyoshi Kimura, a sushi restaurant owner in Japan. he apparently paid $3.1 million for Bluefin Tuna at Japan’s Toyosu market in early 2019! Wow, extravagant.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

If you are a biker, you probably already know what we are talking about. For the ones who have no idea, Only 45 of the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter motorcycles exist. With a carbon-fiber frame and titanium features, this bike can hit 190 miles per hour. It's price? $11 million!

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