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If you can drive a Car, then you need to know the meaning of this Sign on your Dashboard

It is one thing to know how to drive a car, and it is another thing to know the indicators or signs on your Dashboard. Many people can drive a car but once you ask them to interpret the indicators or signs on their dashboard, you will discover that only few people have a knowledge of all the signs on their dashboard.

These signs or indicators are placed to help the driver understand the vehicle better. And when you have a knowledge of all the signs, you will not need anyone to tell you some minor things that is happening to the vehicle.

The above sign is the fuel Gauge or Gas indicator. If you look closely, you will see an arrow by the side. This small arrow that you're seeing tells you which side the Car's Fuel cap is located, either by the right or the left hand side.

This particular feature is very useful if your driving a car that is not yours. And also they are some people that tend to forget things due to the workload of things on their head, this sign is also useful to them.

Here are some images of cars dashboard that indicates the left side

Here are some more images that indicates that the pump is located at the right side

Many people still don't know about this smart little arrow meaning a very few people are aware of this. So forward and share this article to your friends

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