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See photos of SUV Jeep that can carry itself over stationary Cars.

The world has really advanced in the production and engineering of cars. Photos of an SUV jeep that can carry itself over stationary cars is seen in this article.

Don’t you think Nigerians especially those living in Lagos need this SUV jeep? The engineering process has made this vehicle look like a superhero gadget.

This SUV jeep was designed in three levers that controls the shift, elevation and movement.

1. Lever 1: controls the actuator to help move the wheels outward.

2 Lever 2: extends the leg vertically, pushing the body of the car Upward.

3. Lever 3: the throttle helps in creeping over stationary vehicles.

This is a very confiscated design and truly an innovation that will help to solve a lot of problems like flooded areas, traffic jam e.t.c.

It also has a control system which could be used for navigation. There you can see cars you a moving over in other not to damage it.

The SUV system is operated by a gasoline honda generator that is installed below the panel. This SUV jeep was also considerably improved and now weights in at 8500 pounds, Its normally called the Hum rider ‘s’.

Lets see your comments below on these questions.

Do you think this SUV is needed in Nigeria?

Whats your opinion on the SUV Jeep.

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