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Simple Trick On How To Charge Your Phone Using Electric Motor

Today am going to teach you some special tricks on how to charge your phone using electric motor.

Electric motor is the electro-mechanical machine which converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy. In other words, the devices which produce rotational force is known as the motor.

NOTE The current produce by the electric motor should be for motor A 240V and 50 to 60V for motor B,you need motor A,motor B ,capacitor and charger.

Note both the two motor A and motor B should contain roller to prevent viscosity between two of them. As you can see it has two wires out, connect one to the Motor A using wire and take the other one separate.

Dedicated to all opera news hub creator Cut a charger cable and connect the two together and roll the motor like an engine using thread,connect with your mobile phone and start charging.

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