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Top 7 Cars Most Nigerian Celebrities Buy (photos)

Being a superstar or even an open figure isn't simple particularly when you're a Nigerian or base in Nigeria. In all honesty, in case you're a celeb in Nigeria, you can't simply dress in any case, live in at any rate sort of spot or drive anything you need. If not, you'll land yourself in tattle writes how you've gone belly up.

A portion of the things the general population or your fans anticipate from you are to have decent house(s), wear great garments and afterward drive choice car(s). 

In this post, we are fretted over the vehicle part of the entire thing. We might want to discuss the main 7 vehicles most Nigerian famous people purchase. 

Kindly we simply need to disregard the super vehicles and channel our concentration to some degree customary vehicles. You won't see Lambos, Masaratis, Porsches on this rundown. 

The following is the rundown of 7 vehicles most Nigerian famous people purchase 

1. Toyota Camry

This is more often than not viewed as the starter pack of Nigerian superstars. The Camry isn't only the 2007 – 2011 models (Muscle), the 2012 model is among. We don't need to make reference to the DJ's, OAPs, on-screen characters that began with this; there are huge numbers of them. 

2. G wagon: 

The G wagon is directly the most sweltering cake of all. A ton of superstars shook the web with the updates on their securing of G-wagon; either for themselves or for their life partner. 

3. Range Rover: 

The Range Rover is the nearest contender to the G-wagon on this rundown. To fit into the class of extravagance, the British Engineered Range Rover consistently come into the image. It very well may be RR Sports, RR Evoque, RR Vogue, RR Sentinel and so forth. Superstars like Ubi Franklyn, Tekno can flaunt vehicles in this class. 

4. Lexus LX 570: 

This lord in the Lexus lineup is one more hot cake for our Nigerian Celebrities. The Lexus LX 570 is the main and most extravagant SUV for the Lexus brand. Any semblance of E-cash and Phyno have one of it enjoying the good life in their carport. 

5. Toyota Prado: 

On-screen character Mercy Aigbe and Tonto Dike are pleased proprietors of this SUV. There are numerous others that have this vehicle in their assortment of vehicles. A portion of our legislators and top laborers in different parastatals utilize this specific vehicle. 

6. GX 470/460: 

This two Lexus GX SUVs are cousins to the Toyota Prado. 

7. Mercedes Benz: 

This incorporates the vast majority of the Benz classes aside from the G-wagon we've just discussed. The vast majority of our famous people go for the C-Class, E-Class, M-Class and the S-Class. You can likewise take the connection here to find out about the different classes of Mercedes Benz vehicles.

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