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"Poverty is a Disease" - See the Cost of Governor Wike's Car that will make you Curse poverty (pics)

There are cars that serve the purpose of necessity, the necessity it serves is to help you move around easily without having to jump from one Bus to the other. This cars are usually Affordable and cheap.

But there are Cars that are Luxurious, this kind of car makes you think that you are in a Luxurious home, when you are in this kind of Car even if you enter a Pot Hole, you will not observe. That kind of Car is the official car used by the Governor of Rivers State, Nyesom Ezenwo Wike.

Armoured BMW 7 Series is of no Doubt the most Luxurious Armoured Car in the world. This car is an epitome and description of Luxury, Class, and highTechnology.

Bulletproof BMW 7 Series completes the package by adding security to luxury. Perhaps BMW 7 series becomes the most luxury armoured car that is Bullet proof. This makes BMW 750Li - the top competitor in the list of the luxury armoured car for the high businessmen and government officials like Wike.

This car doesn't come cheap, it is really expensive, but it has Features that makes the price worth it. See below.

1.Europlast/Hutchinson auxiliary supported run-flat fittings in all vehicles’ tyres it also has a spare tyre.

2• Blast Resistant Mild Steel fuel tank sheath

3• Specially designed Vehicle Battery and Engine Control Module (ECM) armour safeguard with Ballistic Steel as per standards.

4• Additional bullet catcher and large overlaps on door frames.

5• Specially designed heavy duty door hinges for protracted endurance and effortless maintenance.

6• Robust door pillars and posts with barricaded door travel retainers

7• Highly reinforced suspension to compensate supplemented weight of the vehicle. Installation of Heavy-duty coil springs and heavy-duty shock absorbers.

With all this Features then anyone in such car will be Sure of his Safety. This car does not come cheap, it is really Expensive. The price for this car is 308,000 Dollars.

while in Naira at the current exchange rate this is 138,600,000 Million Naira. Thats really expensive to own in a country with high poverty and huge recession.

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