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How Long Car Batteries Last

Do you know how long car batteries last? For me, there is no simple answer to this. A lot of factors help determine the longevity of car batteries. Some of them are discussed below.

As we use our car from time to time, our car batteries deteriorate gradually. They power our cars until they can't do so again because they have a finite lifespan. The way we use our car determine the rate at which its value reduces. If you drive a car over short distances, the batteries may not fully recharge. If your car is parked for a long time, it may self-discharge naturally.

Another factor is where you reside. Carmakers know that batteries are susceptible to heat so they install a heat shield over the battery or they may relocate the car battery entirely outside the engine compartment. That is why some batteries are located under the back seat or trunk floor. Heat may help the chemical reaction of car batteries but it also helps degrade them. It is expected that car batteries people residing in the cold region will last longer than those residing in a very hot region.

If your car battery is always vibrating, it will likely lose its battery life. You should make sure your car battery is firmly fixed. Missing or loose hold-down hardware should be replaced.

From a survey done by, car batteries may last for 3-5 years. Some last even more. The factors above help contribute to the longevity of car batteries. You can also help make this educative by adding other factors you know.

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