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Nigeria's first car inventor, Engr Ezekiel Izuogu passed away, why the project failed

A really recognized, revered and famend Scientist and Inventor, Engr.Dr.Ezekiel Izuogu, from Ideato North LGA of Imo State has passed on.

According to household sources, the African foremost Car inventor and manufacturer passed away early hours of July 18th, 2020.

In 1997, a superb Igbo Electrical Engineer and Lecturer at the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Dr. Ezekiel Izuogu designed and developed the Izuogu Z-600, the first African indigenous manufactured automotive. Scannews24 gathered.

About Izuogu's Z-600 as recorded by the global free encyclopedia, Wikipedia.

The Izuogu Z-600 prototype was the first indigenous Nigerian car and the first car of indigenous all-African technology. It was the brainchild of engineer Ezekiel Izuogu. Launched in 1997, the automotive triggered a stir within the Nigerian media, and was lauded by the then Nigerian chief of Staff General Oladipo Diya.

Design and specification

The prototype was outfitted with a self made 1.8L four cylinder engine that got 18mpg and enabled the automotive to attain a high pace of 140 km/h (86 mph). 

Front Wheel Drive (FWD) was preferred over Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) as a result of a transmission tunnel, which RWD would require, can be costlier to manufacture. 90% of the automotive's parts were made domestically, Wikipedia noted

The design of the automobile was extremely utilitarian looking like a Renault 4 with its upright stance and a front end that vaguely resembles the locally assembled Peugeot 504.

To be priced at $2000 it might have been the most cost effective automotive on the earth. Clever options like a door bell used instead of a horn ensure it achieves its low price goal. 

Mass manufacturing was intended under Izuogu motors situated in Naze, Imo state, however too many monetary and political hurdles prevented the car from continuing past the prototype stage.

Current progress

In 2005 interest from different African nations arose in regards to the Z-600 and Dr. Izuogu was invited to South Africa to offer a speech on science and technology. 

The South African authorities confirmed keen interest in the automotive and needed Izuogu to construct it in South Africa.

Positiveness and high optimism shrouded the automotive till March 11, 2006, when no fewer than 12 heavily armed men raided the manufacturing unit of Izuogu Motors in Naze stealing the molds (forms) for the engine blocks and crank shaft, mudguards, the design history notebook of Z-600, the design record; Z-MASS (comprising the design history for mass manufacturing of the Z-600 automotive) and various parts.

This was a giant obstacle and disappointment that setback the project. Since then not a lot is thought on the status of the automotive.

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