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4 Types Of Smoke Emitted By Your Car And When You Should Be Worried

Black smoke from a tailpipe.

1. Steam

This one is not smoke at all but steam and it is nothing to worry about. It is usually caused when your engine cools down and condensation settles inside your exhaust. When your car is started, it heats up your exhaust pipe and evaporates the condensed water into steam. If the emissions are thin and clear away quickly, it is most likely steam.

3. White or Light Grey Smoke

This is usually the case if your car's coolant is leaking into one or more of the combustion chambers. It could be from a blown head gasket, cracked engine block or a cracked cylinder head. You should get your engine checked.

3. Dark Grey Smoke

This problem is usually occurs if your engine is burning too much oil. It could be caused by worn out components in your engine such as piston rings and valve seals. In most cases, they will need to be replaced totally. Another cause of this problem could be too much oil in your engine, which you can fix by draining a little oil.

4. Black Smoke

This happens when the fuel injectors in your car are allowing too much fuel in or there is not enough air coming in through the intake valves. Check your fuel injector for leakages. If your engine is running with too much fuel being let it, it can cause some serious problems.

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