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I had A Terrible Dream And I Ran To My Parents' Room, What I Saw Made Me Flee That Midnight(Fiction)

It was a Tuesday night, after retiring from a stressful day. I was happy when I managed to crawl inside, it was just like the driver should drop me by my bedside. I was really exhausted that day. The lectures were so boring, to make it worse, we were told to wait for tutorials. I had to fix up my assignment after the tutorial, because the class Governor won't hesitate in getting it first the following morning.

After copying the last assignment, I reluctantly pack my bag and walk down sluggishly towards the main entrance. I didn't bother taking the exit gate because it was already late. By the time I'll get out of the campus, it was past nine already. There was no strength for me to work that much again, I was just praying to see a cab. It was like heavens were listening to my request. Seconds later, a taxi cab was approaching. I was so lucky, despite the fact that I didn't have the energy to flag the cab down, the driver willingly pulled over for me. I got into the car and I was hoping to get home in the next minute because there was no traffic. I was already dozing off when I heard the driver say, "We are there". I managed to pay him off while I crawl upstairs into my bedroom. I was only wishing the driver could have dropped me by my bedside.

I didn't bother to take dinner that night. While I got upstairs, I jumped on my bed without taking off any of my kits and I slept off. I was already half unconscious as I travelled to the dream world, but I could hear mum's voice as she opened my door to check on me. She was the one who helped pull off my shoe while I slept without taking a glance.

Hours later, I jumped out of my bed with so much vigor. I was sweating profusely, I couldn't explain what has happened as I remain speechless for a while. The room was dark and silent, meanwhile I was the only one staying in the room since the death of my brother about two weeks ago. I began to get myself back, as I tried hard to remember the dream.

I finally remembered vividly, it was my late brother who appeared to me. He came to warn me about our parents. I could hear him in the dream crying and screaming the name of my parents. He was about whispering something in my ear when I woke up and jumped out of bed.

Immediately I remembered the dream, I was scared because of my late brother who was screaming my parent's names. I had to run downstairs, heading towards their room if they were saved. I ran with the speed of light, I couldn't explain how I walked through twenty three steps in five seconds. Maybe it's the passion and love I have for my parents, I cherish them a lot and their safety is my priority. Luckily, the door was opened wide and I need not waste time on knocking.

As I entered their room, I stood perplexed and couldn't move an inch. My head began swelling up and all I could see is my parents in white garments tied around their waste. Finally, I got a hold of myself. Both Dad and Mum couldn't see me because they were so engrossed in what looks like divination. I saw my Daddy pronouncing some incantations while his wife was busy picking up money from the floor. It was the source of money falling that made me look up. What I saw terrified me, more terrific than the dream that chased me down. I saw my late brother kneeling behind the bed and holding a bloody Calabash. It was from this Calabash that the money was falling from. I couldn't withhold the shock as I screamed loudly. My parents were surprised and kept shouting at me. They were blaming me and questioning me for not knocking before entering. They managed to persuade me as they see me off to my bedroom. Mum said she would explain everything once it's morning.

I couldn't sleep back, I keep remembering the dream I had. My late brother must have been trying to pass a message. I remembered I saw the same Calabash with him in the dream screaming mum and Dad's name. He later told me to run away from them because I might be next Target for renewal. I never understood this until I related it with what I saw in my parent's room few minutes ago.

I sprung into action, I couldn't wait till it's morning because I never know what might happen. I took just a piece of trousers and two shirts so nobody would notice me. I sneaked out of the house despite knowing it was Dangerous. It was around 2:00 am in the midnight but I had to flee that midnight. I couldn't risk staying in that house.

I managed to survive the night but I am yet to recover from the shock of that night. What a wicked and desperate world. I kept seeing reasons on why we need to be more vigilant and trust nobody but only God. Humans will always be humans.

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