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Cars to drive/buy if you live in an environment with bad roads.

Nigeria is a country where people are classified according to how boxed up they are(how rich they are), we have the rich people, the middle class and the poor people.

The rich people live in urban areas (estates and GRAs), the middle class people lives according to their pockets (some live in urban areas but cheap apartments and some live in rural areas) while the poor people lives in rural areas.

See some cars to drive in environment with bad roads.


Toyota sienna is a nice car and also a strong car, it will serve you better compared to some other cars on bad roads.


Toyota Camry is also a strong car to drive in areas with bad road.


Toyota Corolla is a nice and classy car too but it's a strong car to drive on bad roads.


As shown in the picture, Ford is a nice car butt it is very strong and it is a good car to drive on bad roads.


Ford edge is also nice but very strong.

So guys those are some cars to drive on bad roads. I know some of us will be wondering why there's no Honda in the list, Honda is also a good car but if you will drive Honda on a bad road, you should service it often and change the Boris every three months.

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