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Don't Panic When Your Motorcycle Brakes Fail You, Do One Of These Things To Save Yourself

A Motorcycle is an open-seated powered vehicle with two or three wheels. It is a tool of transportation that has served as a means and medium of employment for many unemployed Nigerians citizens. You must really be an expert before you can handle a Motorcycle.

 Brake in motorcycle is the device used to slow or stop the motion of a wheel by friction, it can also serve as the apparatus used to engage such a mechanism like the pedal in car. When a car is on a very high speed, the brake is being applied to slow it down. 

 But as a motorcyclist, you are expected to be careful. When you are on a highway and the brake fails, you should not panic. Follow one of these steps, it might help you:

1:If your front brakes fail, try using the rear brakes. If the rear brakes also fails, try using the front brakes. If both brakes fail at the same time, then shift your transmission to a lower gear as much as you can to reduce your speed. 

Save yourself!

2:If you find yourself heading downhills, you have to accept your fate. It once happened to someone in my area, but he saved himself by zig-zagging. 

 Zig-zag means a line or path that proceeds by sharp turns in alternating directions. If you try the zig-zag technique when your brake fails, you might get injured during the accident but you can never die. Try turning your motorcycle side-ways consecutively(left and right, right and left, left and right, right and left). It helps to reduce the acceleration. 

3:If you are at a very high speed cruising on your motorcycle, only to apply the brake and you realize it's not working. Don't be afraid, if you are afraid you might end up losing your life. Just continue with the speed and try your best to look for an uphill. An uphill is a slope towards higher ground. Doing so will really help you, after diverting to the uphill. All you have to do is to take the risk by jumping off the bike. This really helps! 

Save yourself!

4:I will recommend you to get yourself a better or even the best pair of brakes. If suddenly your brake fails, you should try the "Kid's technique". Here, all you have to do is:

i) Try and put both feet flat on the road. 

ii) You must make sure you put enough weight on your feet so as to regain stance. 

iii:Although it might injure your feet or wreck your shoes, but it will surely save your life. 

 (Note, this might be somehow difficult if you are on a very high speed, so try the first two if you are on a high speed). 

 Try and do these four things if your brake fails. It might save your life. 

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 Thanks for reading. 

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