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Full Meaning of 4WD, SUV, FWD And other Interesting Automotive Abbreviations You May Like to Know

Some time ago, I know very little about cars. Some of my friends used to intimidate me with car terminologies that I wished I know some basics. I recently got involved with cars and have to do a lot of research which have made me a bit versatile about cars, their parts and functionalities. In this article, I will share the knowledge I have about some automotive abbreviations. Feel free to add yours at the end of this article as no one knows it all.

4WD: four-wheel drive. This is a kind of system that powers all four wheels for improved traction mostly during off-road use or adverse road conditions.

FWD: front-wheel drive. This drive system help provides power to the front wheels of the car only.

FCW: Forward collision warning. When a collision with another vehicle is imminent, this system serves as a form of alert to warn the driver.

LPG: Liquified petroleum gas. It is employed as a motor fuel. Most people call it propane.

RPM: Revolutions per minute. This is the rate at which the crankshaft of the engine is turning.

SUV: Sports utility vehicle. This is a kind of truck that provides ground clearance and ruggedness with room for up to 9 passengers and their loads.

VIN: Vehicle identification number. This is a unique serial number for each car. It is usually a 17-character number.

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