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Is this Luxury? See Picture Of An Electric Car Being Charged With A Generator In The Street Of Abuja

'Wonder shall never end', a man was seen in Abuja charging his electric car in the street of Abuja. The car broke down after it power runs out. The car is said to be a Tesla car, an American electric vehicle company that produces clean energy electric vehicle that are eco-friendly based in Palo Alto, California.

Tesla company has produced several cars that run on electricity in which it batteries are charged using electricity source, some of the electric cars produced by Tesla are Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y and others.

Photo: Tesla Roadster

Photos: Tesla Model X

Photos: Tesla Model S

Photos: Tesla Model 3

Photos: Tesla Model Y

Although, electric cars are cheap and economical to maintain, it initial purchase price might be high but it is economical to maintain in term of fuel purchase. Tesla cars are built with powerful batteries, which can run for hundreds of kilometers journey before being recharged. A Tesla battery is made of thousands of lithium ion cells, the types in laptop batteries and phones.

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Abuja Palo Alto Tesla Model X Tesla Roadster Y


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