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Here Are 10 Cars That Are Very Rare

There are many cars that have made headlines due to their price tags, but some cars have showed how expensive and classy they are. Here are ten cars that are very rare and cost a lot of money:

(10)Icona Vulcano Titanium

Although this car is quite cheap, it is able to run at the speed of 60 miles per hour, and 96.5km per hour, and the body of this car is also created out of full titanium and copper fiber, and you can only find one type of this car.

I9)Iaybach Exelero:

This car worths over $5million, and only one of this car has been made. It is known to be very fast, this car weighs 2.6 tonnes, it has a 23 inch wheel, and It runs 60 miles per hour in 4.5seconds

(8)Porsche 917

This car doesn't have much features, but it is able to run 60miles per hour or 96.5km per hour in just 2.3seconds, though this car is a racing car only 12 of it's kind has been made.

(7)Aston Martin DB-4 Zagato

This car is one of the best vintage cars that have been ever made, with only 19 of it's kind made, this car is a spectacular vehicle that most people would want.

(6)Bugatti Type 41

Weighing 3 tonnes and 21ft long, only 6 of this car were made and 1 was bought by the Volkswagen company in the year 1991 at a very price of money.

(5)Helica Leyat

This car worths millions, and it looks like an aircraft, it also weighs 250kg which is very small, but it's body is made with Plywood.

(4)Aston Martin DBR-1

This car is one of the most expensive car to be sold in auction, it is worth a lot of money, only 5 were made, and these cars were rode by legends like James Bond and many popular figures.

(3)1904 Rolls-Royce

This car is said to be priceless, and it was created and designed by Charles Royce and Henry Royce. The car is currently in the museum of Scotland never to be sold no matter the price tag.

(2)Ferrari 250 Tester

With only 34 of it's kind made, This car is the second most valuable Ferrari in the world, due to it's class.

(1)Ferrari 250 GTO

Known to be the most expensive car to be auctioned at the price of $70million which is the price of a jet, this car is one of the most beautiful car ever made and 36 of it's kind were made.

Which of this cars do you like the most let us know by commenting below.

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