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Germany produces first transparent car. See beautiful pictures of the transparent car

For those of us that are very familiar with cars or are car lovers, we should have heard of the ZF company.

For those of us that haven't heard of it before, ZF company is a popular car company in Germany. So, this company just gave them world a cool gift, a transparent car, the first if its kind. This car is well equipped with lots of security system. This transparent car was said to have been presented on the second press day of the FrankFurt Auto. Show / AA and this was held in Frankfurt, Germany.

We should all have been observing that the world have been developing so fast lately. Now we are in the process time when future cars are being produced.

This transparent car is a big gift and it wowed love of people. Its originality, its uniqueness, its beauty amazed lots of people. It actually looks so nice. See how the car looks like.

Can you see how the car is designed?

It is designed in such a way that one can see its inside even while standing outside. One can as well see the cars airbags, from the transparent car. You can see how the security technology works too.

The braking system and the control system can br clearly seen as well. So, i think all these goes a long way in helping one drive safely.

The design of the bell can be clearly looked at too. The car is so amazing and beautiful.

Check out some pictures of the transparent car.

Now, tell us what you feel about this car.

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How useful can this car be to our country Nigeria?

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