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Meaning of L on the gearbox of your automatic car

According to Mechanicbase, the "L" on the gearbox of an automatic car stands for "Low" gear. It is a lower gear ratio that is used when driving in certain conditions that require more power and control from the engine.

When the transmission is shifted into "L", the car will stay in a lower gear and shift at higher RPMs, which can be useful for driving in situations where you need more power, such as driving up a steep hill or towing a heavy load.

Driving in "L" gear can also provide more control and stability, as the engine braking effect can help slow the car down when going down a steep hill. It is important to note that driving in "L" gear for extended periods of time can cause the engine to work harder, which may increase fuel consumption and wear and tear on the engine.

In some cases, the "L" gear may also be used for driving in slippery or snowy conditions, as the lower gear ratio can provide better traction and control.

Generally, the "L" gear on an automatic car is a useful feature for situations where you need more power, control, or traction. However, it is important to use it wisely and not rely on it for everyday driving, as it may cause unnecessary strain on the engine and decrease fuel efficiency.

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