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People were Amazed with what this man did on his wedding day

Surprising the world could be a daunting task which, if care is not taken, may lead to mockery and ridicule. Virtually every man's dream is to have an elaborate wedding with exotic vehicles available for him and his bride. Achieving this alone can be a great surprise and a thing of pride for not just the man but also for the entire guests that attended the occasion.

What then can one say about this heavy-duty machine driver who gave a shocker to the entire world on his wedding day?

Not sure if any sane man will ever try to copy such a wild action of having on his wedding day a Front Loader vehicle used for transportation of himself and his bride - that will definitely arouse some counter reactions from families and friends, won't it?

A man who is said to be a driver in a road-construction company achieved the feast of of celebrating his wedding with a Front Loader machine carrying him and his bride around the town without a pinch of shame from either members of his family, bride's family or well-wishers.

As matter of fact, not everyone can do that. Not even in a world where there is teeming competitions between ladies. Most ladies nowadays will consider it a show of shame and will therefore quickly trash the idea. Personally, I have to praise the bride and the groom for such a big surprise.

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