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The funniest cars I have ever seen. (See pictures)

Hello there. This is World-Interest. Remember we told you that we will randomly bring to your attention, gists, trends and information that may be deemed inspiring, educational, informative and comic (funny) in nature from time to time. 

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In this post we bring you a collection of cars that are built with some comic attributes and effects. 

Cars are bought by people for different purposes. Some buy them for luxury, and some for business. Whatever the intention, we know that there are various types of cars that are built with different designs and technologies, as some designs and technologies are obviously embedded with more creativity than the others. 

Truth is, with cars, the problem of transportation on land from one place to another has been greatly fixed over the years, and millions of people today have cars to ride on. Some even have them in flits. In certain geographical regions, cars have become endearments and symbols of measuring successes whereby one is being perceived to be wealthy and successful if he/she has a car or cars. A step further, the kind and model of car a person has tends to give an impression to some folks, the degree of wealth which such a person has acquired over time. Socially, people who have cars especially classic ones, are being accorded a certain level of respect and most times, preference in some endeavours because it is believed that they live in affluence. This makes most people to dream of having at least a car, in order to be counted among this class of individuals. 

Meanwhile, the design structures and buildup of cars have over the years evolved greatly, and these technology savvy experts have taken their trends to the next level of moulding models of cars and adding comic effects in their designs. One who looks at these cars may be triggered to burst into laughter as they are way really funny. 

The designs incorporate some elements of everyday objects, animals and phenomena which we see and relate to. Despite their build-up structure, the experts who built these models of cars can assure you of their durability and firmness. Some people personalise and customize car designs such as these to show off their creativity and technology. However, while we have seen these in this generation, as long as the ideas of man keep on evolving, we believe that in more time to come, our minds will be blown by evolving creativity in future car designs, models and manufacturing. 

Below is a picture gallery of funny cars. 

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