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Check out a comprehensive review of 2021 Toyota Tacoma

On paper, the Toyota Tacoma for 2021 isn't the best midsize vehicle. In reality, when we compared four different midsize pickups a few years ago, it came in dead last. Its interior, in terms of both quality and scale, is mediocre at best. You won't be able to haul or hold as much as other midsizers. Even the best-case scenario, the ride and handling are just average. Trick technology isn't helping either. Despite these complaints, the Tacoma continues to dominate the midsize truck market in terms of revenue.

What is the interior and in-car equipment like in the Tacoma?

Midsize trucks aren't known for being luxurious cruisers, and the Tacoma's cabin, even more than most in the segment, stays true to its utilitarian, spartan roots.

Although higher-end Tacomas come with plenty of features, they're housed in an interior that emphasizes the truck's rugged, off-road nature. There are several soft-touch fabrics, and the power-adjustable driver seat corrects the awkwardly low driving position that still exists in Tacoma trims without it. Nonetheless, the back-to-basics vibe is undeniable. This is particularly true as compared to Ford, Jeep, and Chevrolet rivals — though neither the Ranger nor the Colorado can be considered luxury.

The steering wheel, which has big buttons reminiscent of an off-brand video game controller, is perhaps the most obvious example of this. This trend continues with other interior switchgear, which all looks and feels solid but falls short in terms of material choices and design complexity. It's chunky, blocky, and straightforward, which might be just what this segment's truck buyers want.

What is the size of the Tacoma?

The Tacoma follows the midsize truck segment's basic footprint. The 6-foot bed is standard on Access Cab versions, but the Double Cabs can be combined with either a 5-footer or the 6-footer known as the long bed. The Ford Ranger SuperCrew and Jeep Gladiator, two main competitors, don't offer a long-bed alternative. Because the wheel wells on both beds are only 41.5 inches wide, a 4' x 6' piece of plywood lying flat will not fit. The average length of the Tacoma is comparable to that of its competitors.

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