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“Technology at is Peak”- See Pictures of Tesla Motors's, Future Cars that can drive itself. (Photo)

The popularity of electric cars has risen significantly in recent years.Tesla motors is one of the major electric car industry in the world. They are putting new technologies into the market that radically change things, And they did it with self-driving cars. In the last few years, Tesla engines, Google, and some other companies have been working on self-driving cars.

Now something that may only seem like a dream 10 years ago is becoming reality. Within 15 to 20 years, they will replace all kind of cars. But as with all the new things which are being integrated into our society, certain groups of people will consider likewise. Most of these people have no trust in technology.

The self-driving cars had many tests and many of them were very positive. There's a good possibility in the coming years that we could see self-driving cars on our highways, which definitely sounds very exciting.

Are self-driving cars more risky than regular human cars , Or are they going to be so close to perfection that car crashes become a part of the past?

See Pictures Below:

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