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Here are the 5th generation aircraft that will be made in the near future

Well, there are many countries developing their own indigenous 5th stealth generation fighter jets for the future. The names do not include well established and operationalized 5th generation fighter jets like F-22 RAPTOR, F-35, J-20 and SU-57 but countries who are expected to develop in the coming years .

KAI KF-X (South Korea): KAI KF-X is a South Korea 5th generation multi-role fighter jet which is under development by south Korean aerospace, this is a joint venture between south Korea and Indonesia where 80 percentage of the total cost will be held by south Korea and 20 percentage by Indonesia.

Though both countries were started this project to build 5th generation fighter aircraft, later it downgraded to 4.5 generation with 5th generation capabilities, south Korea building this aircraft with more capabilities than rafale and eurofighter typhoon and less capabilities than F-35.

This will be a twin engine based fighter jet with single or twin seater. Besides, other specifications include speed of Mach 1.81, stealth technology. Unit cost per fighter is expected to be between 50 to 80 million us dollars.

MITSUBISHI ATD-X ( Japan): Mitsubishi ATD-X is a 5th generation stealth fighter jet under development by mitsubishi aerospace of Japan, this fighter jet development came into existence when American Congress passed law to forbade the export of F-22 RAPTOR to other countries as Japan was trying to purchase the fighter before.

This is twin engine based aircraft with single crew. it has a maximum speed of Mach 2.25 and has the ferry range of 3000 km.

HAL AMCA (INDIA): Advanced medium combat aircraft (AMCA) is a single seat, twin engine 5th generation multi role stealth fighter aircraft under the development by HAL, ADA and DRDO of India.

The design of the fighter jet is still under development, expect to role out in 2030

TAI TFX/F-X - Turkey: TFX is the first Fifth-generation jet fighter developed by Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI). This is a twin engine all weather air superiority fighter jet Manufacturing by Turkish aerospace with the cooperation of BAE system.

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