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Check Out Some Hilarious Photos Of The Corbin Sparrow And Other 'Ugly' Cars

From it's earliest days, cars have represented the pinnacle of mechanical embellishment and in due to the obsession of car markers with aesthetics and design, cars have consistently improved in terms of sleekness and efficiency. However, over the years, we've got to witness some heinous deviations from the holy grail of sleekness that automobiles have come to represent. 

At the top of this list of design horror shows is the Sparrow by Corbin Motors (later by Myers Motors). The ugly electric run car was first introduced in 1999 but continued to be produced till the 2010's and many models are still operational till today.

Corbin Sparrow

In a marked deviation from the norms for car models, the Corbin is a cross between a Coupe (convertible) and a three-wheeler (Keke Napep). Although it was designed to look futuristic and even boast "electric car" features, the design is just too horrible to be overlooked and in terms of design in respect to time of production, the Corbin Sparrow is very likely the Ugliest car ever made.

Gallery of Corbin Sparrow Cars

Gallery of Ugly Cars

History, both part and present, is littered with some truly ugly cars. Check out some of the ugliest below.

Ugly cars in recent times

In recent times, ugly deviations in car models have become largely nonexistent as the increased level of competition has forced manufacturers to double-check (even triple check) their designs before rolling it out. So if you're hoping to see some more hilarious and ugly cars like the Corbin sparrow in the future, I'm sorry but that's just not happening. Thank God for that!

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