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Stop Saying "Hold-up", This is the correct Word to use

Stop Saying "Hold-up", This is the correct Word to

Countless number of times, I have come across the way this word ''Hold up" is been used by Nigerian. I there write this article in order to completely eliminate the use of the word when not necessary. 

Hold up according to the way Nigeria used in The English Sentence is defined as a state in which roads are filled, congested, out of space for vehicles to move. 

 Before I go into giving the right word or phrase to use, I will like to simply explain the word Hold up and with some accurate examples. 

Hold up according to Advance English Dictionary is defined as follows :

(1)Hold up:1 [v] to be the physical support of; carry the weight of. 


- The beam holds up the roof

- He supported me with one hand while I balanced on the beam

- What's holding that mirror?

(2) [v] hold up something as an example; hold up one's achievements for admiration

So from what you have seen above, you should know that the word hold up is not the right term to use when they is congestion on the road which avoid vehicles to move freely.

Therefore the correct word to use is traffic jam or Snarl up. Before I give the definition of traffic jam, I will love to explain or define differently what traffic and jam mean. 

 Traffic is defined according to advance English Dictionary as follows 

Pedestrians or vehicles on roads, or the flux or passagethereof.

Commercial transportation or exchange of goods, or the movement of passengers or people.

Illegal trade or exchange of goods, often drugs.

Exchange or flux of information, messages or data, as in a computer or telephone network


Jam is also defined according to advance English Dictionary as follows 

(countable) A difficult situation.

(countable) Blockage, congestion.

(countable) (popular) An informal, impromptuperformance or rehearsal.

(countable) (baseball) A difficult situation for a pitcheror defending team.

(countable) (basketball) A forceful dunk.

(countable) (roller derby) A play during which points can be scored.

(countable) Any of several rock-climbing maneuvers requiring wedging of an extremity into a tight space.

(UK) luck

But back to our main point 

How the word traffic jam can be used in a sentence are as follows:

(1)I have not been able to come fast as I told you because there is "traffic jam"on the road to Lagos. 

(2)Please I will call you back in the next 5 minutes because I have to concentrate because of this traffic jam. 

Photos of traffic jam are shown below

That is how it is used. 

Please if this is of help to you kindly drop your message in the comment section and if you find any place complicated do not Hesitate to ask questions



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