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How 10 Popular Products Looked Like When They First Came Out

Here are ten products whose original versions will stun you.


The first Ford car was a wagon style unit with really large wheels and quite a sleek build up. Even today, Ford, as a brand believes in stylish automobiles, but not a lot of us believe that this is how the car mega manufacturer first started their business!


Samsung is one of the most well known electronics brand in the world. From TV's to mobile phones, these guys practically create everything. Samsung TV's today have moved to fine LED's with full HD experience, however, that was not the case when it first launched in 1976, Korea. This box unit TV called P-3202 was widely sold in Seoul!


If you have been using computers for a while and work on Windows, you probably have seen Microsoft updates from time to time. But imagine at some point, this software interface looked as colorful as this image here. It could put any rainbow to shame!


Called the Siemens Mobiletelefon C1, this portable phone was a fascination to most people. Launched in 1985, and shot to fame soon after. Years of development and testing later, the mobiles actually look like the one you are perhaps holding as you read this!


Who doesn't love IKEA? Well, this mega furniture - all purpose store first started out in 1940's so that the founder Ingvar Kamprad could introduce self-assembly, easy to use furniture to the audiences. Back then, this was one of the first creatives the company ever put out. Today, IKEA's models of advertisement have moved from these simple styles to a more chic one and across most social, mobile, billboard platforms


This camera brand literally had quite the humble beginning back in 1937, Japan to reinvent photography and rightly so, today after all these decades, Canon has a solution for every photography problem. However, when it first started out, this is how it looked. Must accept that it is quite stylish though!


Laptops today are sleek, colorful and you even get to customize screen sizes these days. However, earlier that was not the case. The first HP laptop that ever came out was a rather bulky, briefcase style unit with a really tiny screen. Seemed like the computer and type writer were unwillingly married off and they had a baby!


Big monies go into Magazine photoshoots and things keep getting outrageous in the fashion world however, that's not how it all started. One of the biggest fashion and lifestyle magazine brand, Vogue, had quite the humble beginnings, and must we say quite the Victorian theme for its shoots as well!


Before toothpastes came into being, it was dental powder. Colgate, having mastered this art of dental care products since 1873, was already doing pretty smooth in this world. The packaging was quite cool, we must accept, right?


This barrier contraceptive is the need of the hour in most heavily populated nations. However, today, it looks much better than what it did in 1600's. Apparently, it was first made in Sweden out of Sheepskin and had to be boiled in hot water in order to keep out the venereal diseases.

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