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Opinion: Motorcycle Riders And Some Of The Dangerous Decisions They Make On The Road

Motorcycles have become one of the most important vehicles in our lives, especially in Nigeria. This two-legged vehicle is popular practically because of its ability to maneuver its way through heavy traffic jam to get people to their destinations on time. I believe Lagosians can testify to the extraordinary usefulness of the motorcycle vehicle.

Sadly, this vehicle came with its flaws. The first flaw is that it is two-legged and does not have a protective body for passengers as seen with cars. So, whenever there is an accident, the humans on the motorcycle easily sustain injuries because nothing protects them from the external. The second flaw is the way some riders ride carelessly. Some of these riders ride these motorcycles dangerously, and this has made many people to perceive the vehicle as the one with dangerous flaws.

According to a report on Vanguard News on February 20, 2021, motorcycle accidents made up 20 percent of about 17,500 vehicle accidents that was recorded in Nigeria back in 2019. This figure is about 3500 motorcycle accidents in 2019. These figures also place Nigeria among one of the countries with the highest road fatalities.

I believe these accidents can be prevented. However, I have compiled this article to discuss the decisions some motorcycle riders make on our major roads that are both unnecessary and dangerous.

1. Riding between huge trucks and trailers.

I have seen many motorcycle riders do this often, and they mostly do this in a traffic jam where the vehicles are moving slowly. The problem with this decision is that sometimes the passage between two trucks in a traffic jam can be very narrow, and these riders would still try to squeeze through.

This decision is a very dangerous one because such a motorcycle could fall on its side under the tyre of the trucks when moving between these trucks or trailers and the worst scenario could happen in this case. Please, as a passenger, when your rider tries to do this, caution him or tell him to drop you that you are no more going. 

2. Racing with one another on the road.

This is another observed attitude among some motorcycle riders. I do not know if they are trying to recreate the fast and furious movie on Nigerian roads, but whatever it is that often pushes them to want to race with one another when carrying a passenger, it is an evil influence. 

Anything could happen when racing at a speed higher than the speed they are supposed to travel, there may be a brake failure, a tyre puncture and many other errors, and this could lead to serious injuries and even death. If your rider is trying to race with another rider when you are on the bike, caution him or kindly ask him to drop you that you are no more going to your destination. You can always take another motorcycle to your destination.

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