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Automatic Driving Vs Manual Driving : Which Of This Two Is The Best

When buying any vehicle, we should be able to distinguish between this two types so we won't end up buying what you have less knowledge on ..

What's Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission, gearing, brakes, clutches, fluid drive, and steering devices that automatically change the speed ratio between the engine and the vehicle wheels.


Driving immediately helps you to take a comfortable and fast ride. You won't have to worry about gear changes, clutch bearings, etc. Easier to learn, it's getting more and more used, so you're going to have a better choice when making your selection.


With automatic driving, you don't feel the pleasure of driving, which is not suitable for car enthusiasts. The price of the car is also higher, and you are at risk of consuming more fuel.

What's Manual Transmission?

Manual transmissions, also known as manual gearboxes, standard transmissions, stick shifts or simply sticks, clutches or gearboxes, are the type of transmission used in motor vehicle applications.


If you're driving well, you could use your brakes less quickly, spend less fuel, and control your car better. It also helps you to enjoy the fun of driving. Your vehicle is finally going to be cheaper to buy!


Manual driving can be more difficult and tiring in traffic congestion, steep climbs or other different circumstances. In addition, more patience is needed to control, to avoid shock.

So which of this two would you prefer? Drop your comments in the comments section...

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Which Of This Two Is The Best


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