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Truck that uses gallon as petrol tank. The risk many Nigerians go through

Some actions taken by some people in Nigeria can be very inconsiderate. In Nigeria, you would see people driving cars with bad brake systems. Some do not mind driving a car that does not have functioning clutch. This shows how some motorists can be very careless.

A video of a water truck has surfaced on the internet. The truck which looks like an antiquity that should be kept in the museum was being used to distribute water to a building. The truck does not have interior equipment and worst still it does not have a functional fuel tank. A gallon has been used as an alternative for fuel tank. You can imagine the risk involved. For the sake of safety of lives and properties, trucks like this should not be found in our roads.

See video of the truck here

What do you think about this? Don't you think a truck like this should be impounded and used as scrap instead of being on our roads?

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