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Check Out This Newly Invented Six Passenger Tricycle

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About Tricycles

Tricycles are three wheels vehicles which usually has one one at the front and the other two at the back sides of the vehicle. A good description of a tricycle is the bicycle that has three wheels that is made for children for them learn how to ride on a bicycle. See a picture of a tricycle below.

But in our today's world we had seen an engined tricycle normally used as a passenger vehicle here in Nigeria.

A picture of it can be seen below the six passenger tricycle

now let's move over to our main topic that brought you here. today they is a newly made invention of a motorized tricycle which has the capacity to contain of to six passenger and the driver/rider and this invention would help a lot to convey a higher number of passengers at a time.

A Picture of the six seaters or six passenger tricycle can be seen below

as you can see in the picture above at the back it has three passenger seat, same thing in the center which makes it a total of six passengers.

photo credit: Google

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