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OPINION: The 15-year Old Boy Who Constructed 2021 Lamborghini Has Proven That Nigerians Are Geniuses

According to BBC pidgin, that a young boy who was identified as Ikechukwu Divine had revealed that he can construct a real car if he has the equipment and machines.

The young boy further explained that he started designing toy cars at his 11years. So far, he has been able to construct a Tricycle, Airplane, helicopter, Mercedes, Caterpillar, and Lexus. The 15-years old, Ikechukwu Divine stated that his dream is to be an automobile engineer due to his passion for motors and machines.

During the interview with BBC Pidgin, Ikechukwu reveals the materials he uses during the construction. Some materials includes; Dunlop, aluminum, superglue, copper, and wire. During the interview, it was observed that he made use of a condemned DVD player to construct the motor engine. 

And uses Dunlop for the tires. He also explained how he built a Lamborghini 2021 model which took him a month to complete, and the truck took him two weeks and a day to complete. He said that the Lamborghini is the longest he ever had to construct, it took more of his time than the other constructions.

His Statement Reads As Follows:

“My dream is to be an automobile engineer because of my passion for cars and machines. Some of these constructions took me sometimes, especially the Lamborghini, which is the longest I have constructed so far. I mainly used Dunlop, aluminum, superglue, copper, and wires. I can construct a real car if I have the machines.”

The young boy said lots about his construction works, as he roundup the interview by demanding help from government for provision of machines and other materials. However, he revealed his next project works. 

Certainly, Ikechukwu needs more training to succeed in his construction, as such all he needs is Empowerment from government.

Opinion: The action of this young boy has proven to the entire world that Nigeria is one of the country in Africa with more intelligent people. It very unfortunate that the young boy has been making exotic toy cars without the help of anyone from outside the country, showing that we all are intelligent. As such, the problems of the white looking down on us Should be counter and abolish as Ikechukwu Divine has proven this through his construction works.

What is your take on this? 

Should the Federal government help him, or is a waste of money?

Kindly share your opinion in the comment section.

Photo credits: BBC PIDGIN

Content created and supplied by: Tohvirah_Daniel (via Opera News )

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