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Prices Of Expensive Motorbikes In The World.

Motorbikes are essential commodities, usually known as "the big boys toy". The motor bike allows you to enter places even cars cannot enter and you can also do a cross country tour with a motorbike.

It's a wonder that some of these bikes can build mansions for you due to their exorbitant prices, it's not what you will say, rubber rubber, even as you gaze on them you will come to know that even among toys there are toys which are specifically meant for the big boys and those who adore them.

10. Ecosse founder's edition Ti XX. $300,000

9. The Legendary British vintage black - $400,000. A rare beauty to behold

8. Dodge Tomahawk V10 superbike-$550,000

7. Harley Davidson cosmic starship - $1.5 million

6. Harley Davidson Bucherer blue edition - $1.79 million

5. Yamaha BMS chopper-$3 million

4. Hildebrand & wolfmuller-$3.5 million

3. Ecosse ES1 spirit-$3.6 million

2. 1949 E90 AJS porcupine-$7 million

1. Neiman Marcus Limited edition fighter - $11 million 

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British Dodge Tomahawk Ecosse Ti XX.


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