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Road Accident

How To Prevent Accident On Our Roads

How To Prevent Accident On Our Roads 

 Apart From The Poor Poads Due To Construction Or Maintenance,Users Of Roads Many Times Are Potential Dangers Themselves . Accident Can Be Prevented Or Minimised Of Certain Precautions Are Taken Either By Individually Or By The Government    

 The Precautions Are Down Below

1)The Roads Should Be Maintained Throughout The Year.The Pot Holes Should Be Filled Up , Necessary Gutters Should Be Made So That The Main Roads Are Not Eroded With Torrents Of Rain

2)The Pedestrian , Motorists Should Keep To Their Own Side Of Road

3)Proper Testing And Licencing Of Driver Should Be The Rule 

3) Courteously Behavior On The Road Should Be Encouraged

4) The Mechanical Condition Of Vehicles Should Be Checked

5)Road Users Should Not Be Under Influence Of Alcohol

6) Vehicles Should Not Be Left Among The Roads ,If Any Vechile Has Any Vechile Has Any Mechanical Fault It Should Be Pushed Away From The Main Road

7) Only Licenced Drivers Should Be Allow To Drive,Law Enforcement Officer Should Prosecute Anybody Who Flounts The Traffic Regulations

8)Herds Of Cattle Should Not Be Allowed On The Roads. They Should Be Carried In Trucks From Towns To Market Or Slaughter Houses

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