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Is the middle class life in the USA better than it is in the European Union?

Certainly not.

The middle class, in fact all economic demographics, have it considerably better in EU. Europeans have vastly fewer things, but they enjoy life far better. Pick any country and it has its own identifiable culture. This is a huge benefit to people’s and children’s well adjusted sense of belonging, thus comfortable with themselves and others. They have socioeconomic security and full health coverage from day one. They have ten times more time to enjoy family and friends. Their cars and toys are fewer and smaller, but they enjoy them and have time left for hobbies and creativity.

Depends what you value. You want to live in a large city, drive public buses and subways, go to museums on weekend and so on Paris or Amsterdam beats New York City any day. If however you want to escape that city permanently or at least for the weekends, own a cottage in a country side, dive SUV and convertible, depending how you feel like, get on your own fishing boat and go fishing nothing beats the U.S.A. When it comes to having shit America rocks!

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