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What are Alternators and types with there uses.

Alternators are machines that converts machanical energy to electrical energy in the form of alternating current(at a specific voltage and frequency).

Alternators are also known as synchronous the old days the electrical system of a vehicle uses DC generators or dynamos before Alternators came to existence and then it was used with diode rectifier for powering the electrical system.

Types of Alternators

1) Automotive alternator(used in the electrical system of a vehicle)

2) Diesel-electric locomotive alternator(used in diesel ectric multiple)

3) marine alternator(used in marine application)

4) Brushless alternator (used in electric power generation)

5) Radio alternator (used for low band radio frequency transmission).

Automotive alternator

It has been discussed above.

Diesel electric locomotive alternator

This type of Alternator is in diesel electric locomotive.The engine of this locomotive is nothing but an alternator driven by a diesel engine.The alternating current produced by this generator is converted to DC by interested silicon diode rectifiers to feed all the DC traction motors.These DC traction motors drive the wheel of the locomotive.

Note that generators are of two types which are induction generators and synchronous generators. Synchronous generators are also called alternators.

In my next article I will write about the marine alternator, Brushless alternator and radio alternator.

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