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Cars: 5 Most Fuel Efficient Cars For Uber/Bolt in Nigeria

The E-hailing business began in Nigeria since 2014 with Uber & Bolt as the major players in the industry. While it has become a money making venture; employing an unimaginable thousands of youths, it is also important to know that your profit will depend on how well you perform in the battle for fuel economy alongside other factors like number of hours dedicated to it; time & season. This post is focused on the most efficient, reliable and sizeable cars you should consider.

Toyota Yaris: The Yaris is an economy car manufactured by the giant Japanese

auto manufacturer (Toyota) since 1999 till present. However, the 2005 to 2008

model seem to be the most common seen on Nigerian roads. The Yaris houses a

1.3Litre and 1.5litre engine available in manual and automatic transmission

variants known for reliability and top most efficiency. The Yaris 1.5Litre

engine returns about 29 miles per gallon (mpg) in city driving and about 36mpg

on highway while the 1.3Litre engine returns around 32mpg city and up to 40mpg

highway. This makes it a perfect choice for the business.

Honda City: The City is manufactured by the renowned Honda Auto maker.

Honda is known to produce very strong and high revving engines. The Honda city

has been in production since early 2000s till present. For instance, the 2008

Honda City houses a 1.5Litre engine which returns about 28mpg city and 35mpg

highway. This vehicle is equipped with a Continuously variable Transmission

(CVT) which is known to deliver excellent fuel economy when working properly.

Honda Civic: The Honda Civics are well known for their artistic designs,

sportiness and refined driving experience. The 2003 to 2005 Honda Civic is

powered by a 1.7Litre engine that delivers around 29mpg city and 39mpg highway

straight out from factory while the 2006 to 2011 Honda Civic which is most

popular, powered by a 1.8Litre engine gives you an impressive 26mpg city and

34mpg highway. The 2006 to 2011 civic is among the best in it's class of

midsize sedans.

Toyota Corolla: Like the 2006 to 2011 Honda Civic, the 2005 to 2007 Toyota

corolla is also powered by a 1.8Litre engine while some especially the Corolla

Altis is powered by a 1.6L engine delivering a whooping 26mpg city and 35mpg

highway. However, currents models like the 2015 model is said to deliver far

more impressive fuel economy as high as 29mpg city and 37mpg highway. The

corolla is very reliable with abundance of spare parts all over the country.

Kia Rio: The Kia Rio is manufactured by the Korean Auto giant very

co-owned by Hyundai. For example the most popular model of the Kia Rio is the

2014 model used by most insurance companies, banks and other cooperate

businesses. The 2014 Kia Rio delivers 27mpg city and 35mpg highway. It is

powered by a 1.6L engine. Recent model like the 2019 kia Rio puts out an

impressive 29mpg city and a 37mpg highway from same 1.6L engine.

This list of most fuel efficient cars that can be used for the

Uber and Bolt in Nigeria is strictly made up of non-hybrid and turbo powered

engines. Worthy mentions include the 2005 Peugeot 307, 2008 Ford Focus,

Volkswagen Passat 2014 and others that have an engine displacement of between

1.0Litre to 1.8Litre.

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