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It's Time FRSC Focuses More On Okada Riders Sensitization And Licencing

"If you want to get to your destination in time, just take a bike." My friend screamed it loud to my ear as we argued to and fro on the limiting of their activities in Lagos by the government. He is a pro at riding bike or let me just adopt the word 'Okada' because every part of the Nation can relate with it. He is of the opinion that considering how unpredictable Nigeria roads can be when it comes to gridlocked; Okada remains the best mode of transportation to navigate through.

I am not against those who took delights in riding that thing with two tyres, Its never my choice, I will rather walk with my leg to my destination or better still wake up on time, add time of Lagos unforseen roads circumstances to meet up an appointment using Commercial drivers.

I wont be here talking about Okada if I have not seen how impatient their riders can be, sometimes you will wonder if the location of their braking system is inconvenient for them to apply. Always in a hurry, risking lives. In almost all the State of the federation, Okada accident contribute more to the number of patients in their orthopaedic centres.

In my quest to finding solutions, I discovered many of these riders have no knowledge of road usage. They don't know what Service lane is, they dont even know which side to overtake; any opened space is where they go through.

A guy who graduated from riding bicycle, moved to riding Okada: once he is good at it, he hit the road, picking passengers for money. No training, no knowledge on road safety, he is just out there to make money.

The Roadsafety Officials need to come in urgently in sensitizing Okada riders. From the records of accidents recorded so far, okada is high, and so there should be diversion of attentions to them. They need training, they need orientations. If possible, let them have licence: it sounds funny, but thats the truth. Someone need to teach them on road usage, majority of them dont know and that has deformed many people, even sent many to death.

Rather than disturb vehicle owners alone, wasting motorists time while Okada riders pass through, speeding like thunder lightening, swerving every corners like a 'MotorGP' pro riders: its time Road safety commission focuses more on the Okada riders in the region they are still operating now. They need urgent education on road usage to save lives.

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