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Checkout The Largest Truck, Which Has A Living Room, 4 Bedrooms, and A Bathroom (Pictures)

Everyone will have seen a trailer or heavy-duty truck once or twice before, but seeing the Gigantic Power Wagon from Saudi Arabia would be an incredible sight and a rare one for anyone not staying in this aforementioned country. 

Asides from the fact that this beastly vehicle is bigger than most regular trucks, it is actually motorized and drivers have to stand on the sit and spread both heads to handle the steering wheel, impossible to drive don't you think?

But Sheikh Hamad would argue with you. Being the owner and funds behind the design of the vehicle, he currently holds the Guinness World Record as the owner of the largest truck in the world.

As it stands, the exact cost of the truck is unknown but is approximate that each wheel on the vehicle costs about $40,000 to manufacture. Hence, it would cost nothing less than $150,000 to manufacture the four wheels that the truck has.

It is however not surprising that this was affordable because the owner is a member of the royal families in The United Arabs Emirate, and since this region is overflowing with oil, the rulers here do have a lot of wealth and mostly love to flaunt this wealth on things that appeal to them.

To Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, also know as the Rainbow Sheikh, and who is an active member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family in the United Arab Emirates, UAE, this amount of money is very insignificant as he is estimated to worth about $150 Billion.

This gigantic truck is a replica of the 1950s Power Wagon in term of its designs, and the size is considerably increased for the one mentioned in this article. In short, the truck is about right (8) times bigger than the normal power wagon.

The truck boasts of hosting four big bedrooms fully air-conditioned as well as a standard-sized living room. There is also a bathroom and a motorized tailgate which was designed in form of a terrace to allow the occupants to enter and leave the truck with ease.

A lot of people believed that it was impossible to actually move this vehicle from one point to another due to the size and the amount of force that would be needed to do so, but it came as a surprise when the vehicle could be moved by its gigantic engine from an earthmover.

The car is painted and registered by the government of the state to be driven on roads in Abu Dhabi without any restrictions on its movement. Although according to Throttlextreme, the vehicle is seldom driven by anyone and rather used as a display and marvel to onlookers.

The sheikh is known to be a collector and obsessed lover of vehicle collection. He has a big compound whereby he keeps all his vehicles and he allows anyone to be freely admitted into the premises for a breathtaking view of the number of vehicles possessed by this Arabian billionaire.

Tell us, if you had so much money, can you make a car this big too?

Do you think the vehicle is nice, or it is a complete waste of money?

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