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(Video): Man spotted using starring for motorcycle

Everyday we login to our social media accounts, we tend to see different things. There is barely any day that i will login to my instagram that i won't see something funny about Nigerians. Today is not an exception, as i saw something quite interesting and funny.

Someone recorded a man and his wife on their motor bike. That's not the funny thing though. The funny thing is that the man had reconstructed his motor bike, that he now uses a car steering to control the motor bike. He the reconstructed the gear in such a way that it is not below, just like a car gear. You can see that long black iron in front of his right leg? That's the gear of the motor bike. Click on the link below this article to watch the video.

Check out how people reacted to the video on instagram where it was posted.

Please click here to watch the video.

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