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Meet A Talented Nigerian Who Successfully Fabricated His Personal Automobile Car

Innovation they said is the mother of all technology, and a great country flourish through the hands of creative thinkers and scientist such as Aristotle, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Albert Einstein Isaac Newton and the wright brothers etc.

No doubt Nigeria is a nation blessed with great talents and creative thinkers, but her leaders lacks the capacity to create the necessary platform to bring this untapped talents together and achieve a common goal that will enhance her development.

The greatest resources of any nation is in it's human capital.

China has proven it to the whole world and Singapore respectively, the need to invest massively in human capital development.

The reason why Nigeria as a nation keep suffering from poverty in-respective of the revenue being generated from oil and gas is because her leaders refuse to invest in her citizen. i.e what i call human capacity building to cut long story short.

Yesterday i ran into a talented and creative Nigerian by name Mr Gozie Celestine Ifo from Enugu State

Who creatively built the car he drove, while driving along Port-Harcourt/ Aba express road.

As a lover of innovation, i stopped him and ask some few questions then he told me he fabricated the vehicle that he's driving and they are other projects that is under construction like gear box, car engine, tricycle, baking oven etc.

i was surprised so i seek his indulgence to know his place which he accepted and revise his little car he built and we drove to his house.

Nigerians are so bless and talented, if only the ministry of science and technology could assemble this talented Nigerians together, i think our country will flourish interns of science and technology.

Please comment about this young inventor, because if the necessary resources is given to him i think he will do better.

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