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Reasons Why Your Car Sounds Louder Than Usual

1. Faulty Muffler

The job of the muffler is to significantly reduce the amount of noise coming from the engine. There are a variety of things that can make it wear out including rust, constant heat or even the weather. Over time, your muffler will begin to lose efficiency.

2. Bad Catalytic Converter

The job of the catalytic converter is to burn off or breakdown the excess hydrocarbons or sulfur in the engine. If it is bad, it usually triggers the"check engine" light on your dashboard and will significantly increase the noise from your engine.

3. Worn Out Gasket Or Seals

Your engine will run at a much louder sound if the gasket or seals in your engine are failing.

4. Faulty Spark Plug

This causes your car to sputter since the spark plug is not doing its job of igniting fuel in the combustion chamber.

5. Damaged Exhaust

This can be caused by rusting over time or an accident where the exhaust is hit against something, thereby damaging it. If the front pipe, tail pipe or manifold is damaged, it can cause noticably loud noises from your car.

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Faulty Muffler


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