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Red Diesel-What You Should Know

The title speaks for itself. Our task is to define “red” diesel, provide you with examples of its usage, and understand the facts and fictions about how the facts differ from the diesel familiar to most car owners and enthusiasts.In terms of composition and chemistry, red diesel fuel (sometimes called “cherry juice”) is exactly the same as the fuel used in American trucks, buses, and certain cars. The biggest difference is that red fuel is used in SUV engines and tractors and excavators used on farms and construction sites. Red 26 is the US standard specified in IRS Regulation 26 C.48.4082-1​​. This dye was chosen to distinguish it from pure diesel, because the unique law prohibits the use of it on platforms running on public roads. We all know and complain about the fuel tax on purchases. The price is usually much lower than the price of fuel (red diesel), and tax refunds are available. The use of color-coded recognition systems helps to identify abnormalities in certain fuels (for example, house heating oil). Aircraft fuel can be red, purple, blue or green. Diesel has also turned blue in countries such as France, Portugal, Ireland and Spain.

Although red diesel is definitely “sufficient” for our daily vehicles, it is not recommended to use red diesel in trucks on public roads. If you are caught driving red diesel on public roads, you will face huge fines and fines for tax evasion (states, not states). , Chevron, Texaco, etc.), and sold by dealers in agricultural and agricultural areas and other areas with high fuel demand. When you need to find fuel for a diesel vehicle, a commercial gas station website is a very useful search tool, and it can be very popular. If you are looking for it, please go to the nearest dispensary station.

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