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Meet Kabiru Atta, A Man who invent digital traffic gloves

Ebira born United States based Engineer, Kabiru Atta in his quest to improve pedestrian and traffic control, a reflective glove with lighting and message display that helps traffic controllers effectively alert approaching drivers. 

Kabiru, an IT and cyber security expert from Nigeria with over 15 years industry experience, created the gloves to facilitate the job of police officers, emergency service workers, School crossing guards, rail transit workers, ground traffic controllers at airports, utility workers, road and building construction crew. etc. 

Appealing features of the genius invention are it's safety, convenience, and high visibility. Other benefits include:

Better Traffic Flow: the gloves show an easy way to effectively alert approaching drivers of potential danger so they will stop where required in problem areas. 

Confusion Elimination: many drivers are confused and uncertain about what to do when they are been directed by a traffic controller. The gloves helps eliminate confusion and uncertainty. 

Comfortability: the glove is comfortable to wear, weatherproof, and readily adaptable to a variety of situation. 

Kabiru has a prototype and holds a patent with the USPTO for the Digital Traffic Glove, and another patent with EPO (European patent office) is pending. He is also looking for seed funding and investors. 

He holds several degrees in Information Technology Management, Project Management and Entrepreneurship from the University of Hull in England, and the University of Strathclyde in Scotland. He is presently pursuing a doctorate in Technology Innovation Management in the US.

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