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Check Out Pictures Of Graveyard Where Thousands Of Bicycles Are Abandoned In China

In some of China's major cities, a large pile of impounded, abandoned and broken bicycles are now a familiar sight.

Many have attributed it to the rush in building a bike sharing industry which vastly overreached. No less than 84,000 have been left at a field in Huanghzou in China as can be seen in the picture below.

The bikes that have been abandoned are said to belong to the bike sharing business which were growing in popularity before they were later abandoned.

The bike sharing scheme allows people to ride off with the bikes and they are being charged per hour. The main idea is to locktgem up in designated stations after which, can be used by another person. However the rapid supply of the bicycles outgrew the demand for the bikes and as such overwhelmed Chinese cities. Most people using the bikes were not adhering to the laws as they parked the bikes anywhere or just outrightly abandon them resulting in blocking of already crowded streets and pathways.

Nature begins to reclaim abandoned share bicycles, left in a temporary parking lot in Shanghai.

In the photos, pictures show how the bikes have been on location for such a long time that plants have grown over them.

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Huanghzou Shanghai


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