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Your Car Tyres Aren't Damaged, See 10 Equipments You Can Make From Used Tyres

 Tyres are ring-shaped protectives used for covering around a wheel which is usually made of rubber or plastic composite and is either pneumatic or solid. Every mobiles cars obviously have tyres which help to add to the mobile functionality of such car.

 Nigeria as a country is one of the country that orders for a lot of cars, and many of the tyres do get damaged during the driving process. Instead of using the damaged tyres in a creative way, they are hung around criminal necks during the process of being lynched.

 There are many creative Equipments you can get from tyres and you will be seeing some pictures below. Below are the pictures:

 These alluring objects and equipments were created with used tyres. I must appraise this high level of creativity as it is so special. What do you have to say about this? Aren't you amazed and fascinated? 

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