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These advanced transportation systems will make life easier in the nearest future.

Transportation is an essential Infrastructure for the growth and economic well being of a country in terms of it's development too. A healthy transportation system provides an immediate support for the growth of the economy both the urban and rural areas, national defense and efficient travel for the country's citizens or perhaps inhabitants.

However the transportation system is fast getting advanced as there is a supposed great need for them. Great innovations are being made in order to ensure that the process of transportation goes smoothly and most of all as fast as it is meant to be and also reliable.

These are the innovations of transportation means which will take place in the nearest future.

#1: The self driving Drone taxis

This autonomous drone taxis are currently being used now in some popular advanced countries ,the helicopterlike looking drone has 18 propellers and can carry two passengers comfortably well.

#2: Maglev trains

Maglev train is the short pronounciation of Magnetic levitation ,these trains have been recorded to travel at the rate of 375 miles per hour ,however these trains are already in China and Germany and is expected to be a module of transport by 2030.

#3: Hyperloop Transportation system

Hyperloops are essentially transportation tubes that run pods of passengers or freight through pressurized track at high speed. This hyperloop run at an average of 600 mph,their top speed is 760 mph. This train is hoped to be officially launched in 2021.

#4: Satellite based air traffic control system

Air traffic control system today are ground based as a result of this the U.S is currently working on NextGen , a satellite based air traffic control system which will be used to increase accuracy and shorten routes. This tech is expected to save time ,fuel ,reduce air traffic delays ,increase flight capacity and permit air traffic controllers to monitor aircraft with improved safety margins.

#5: Self driving electric buses

Automated city buses and shuttle will be in operation in the nearest future. Autonomous vehicles use cameras ,radar and GPS system to recognize and communicate with traffic lights and have impressively safety records as these buses of the future will reduce the impact on the environment because they are electric.

#6: Elevated buses

China is currently working on a bus system that will reduce traffic congestion. The elevated bus is a vehicle that straddles traffic,it runs on a special track that allows regular vehicles to drive underneath. This Transit Elevated system is expected to reduce traffic congestion by 30%.

#7: Flying hotel pods

A fleet of drones that are portable hotels are currently being designed in Canada. The hospitality concept of this hotel is a mobile self sustainable hotel that uses drone tech.

This Driftscape allows guests to travel while sleeping,roam or touch down in diverse locations. It is also made up of several modular units that Includes food and beverage elements.

#8: Smart roads

Roads are the foundation of the future of transportation,man cannot access movement without the presence of roads which helps in mobility. This typical smart roads will be able to communicate with vehicles and people using sensors, data capture abilities and the ability to be responsive to changes in the environment. Roads will literally and automatically to talk to traffic signs , bicycles and vehicles, the road will definitely come alive in the future.

The future will indeed bring a dramatic technological improvement in the transportation sector and will greatly contribute to the world's development,where the system of transport will be fast and reliable.

What is your take on this?

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