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Check out the latest invention: a solar bicycle.

The world as we all know is changing, people are coming up with good ideas to help mankind in their daily activities.

Since the fuel prices throughout the world is increasing day by day thus there is a tremendous need to search for an alternative to conserve these natural resources. Thus a solar bicycle is an electric vehicle that provides that alternative by harnessing solar energy to charge the battery and thus provide required voltage to run the motor. Hybrid bicycle combines the use of solar energy as well as the dynamo that runs through pedal to charge the battery to run the bicycle. Thus solar hybrid bicycle can become a very vital alternative to the fueled automobile thus its manufacturing is essential.

A solar bicycle is a bicycle which runs using the electrical energy of battery to run the hub motor which ultimately runs the bicycle. Solar energy is used to charge the battery. Two or more Photovoltaic cells may be used to harness solar energy to generate voltage to charge the battery. Battery gives the required voltage to the hub motor mounted on the front wheel to run the bicycle.

Solar bicycle are not sold generally in our everyday life but there manufacturing can be increased to prevent environmental pollution. These are primarily used as an practical projects and are also sometimes sponsored by government agencies.

Solar bicycle use photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy into required voltage to charge the battery. There are two types of solar panels that are generally used that is polycrystalline panels and microcrystalline solar panels. The polycrystalline panels are having less efficiency as compared to microcrystalline panels. Polycrystalline panels have efficiency of approximately 15 20% while microcrystalline panels have efficiency of 50 -60%.

There are different types of batteries used in electric vehicles like lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries, Nickel cadmium batteries, etc. Different batteries they have their different advantages for different applications. As far as solar bicycles are concerned lead acid and lithium ion batteries are most commonly used. Lead acid batteries have lower cost, higher current carrying capacity but have smaller life and are heavier. While lithium ion batteries have lower weight but have higher cost and there are chances of explosion.

Slowly solar bicyles have gathered attention from all over the world and there have been many projects being done on this topic. The motor used is a permanent magnet Hub motor which will be mounted on the front wheel. While a belt and pulley mechanism will be provided on the rear end of the dynamo.

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