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Here is the new China Electric AirBus - it has been tested and it has it own track

The rate at which China is developing is very rapid as they are improving in every part of there economy. They have gone from one stage in manufacturing and inventing different machines and equipment so as to help develop their country an it been so effective as they are the leading country in the world with latest inventions and advancement in technology. 

Various things have been invented by the Asian giant in this past few decades and they seems not to be relenting on their efforts and by doing this they are becoming a strong force to reckon with in the world in terms of technology. They propose to build a vehicle that can convey up to 400 passengers with a fast and electric bus and they were successful in building this gigantic bus. The bus underwent a test in the city and it has been deem fit to be a success. Here are some pictures of the various kinds of bus develop.

Indeed technology has gone to the next level in China has they keep moving from one stage to the other in technological advancement.

This new bus is another development in the modern transportation system. We hope to see this development in every part of the world soon.

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