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Meaning of the numbers and letters written on the gearshift of automatic vehicle

A string of letters and numbers are inscribed on the gearshift of an automated automobile. New drivers might find it puzzling, even if seasoned drivers may be familiar with the meaning of each of these symbols. The significance of the numbers and letters on automated gearshifts will be discussed in this article.

P: Park

Park is indicated by the letter P on the gearshift, according to Mechanicbase. The transmission of the car is locked and the wheels cannot turn when it is in park. When the car is stopped and the driver wishes to use the parking brake, they select this mode.

R: Reverse.

Reverse is indicated on gearshifts by the letter R. The vehicle reverses when the gear is in Reverse. Before shifting into reverse, you must come to a complete stop.

N: Negative

Neutral is indicated by the gearshift's letter N. The transmission is disconnected from the engine and the wheels are free to travel when the gear is in Neutral. The driver shifts into neutral when the car is still moving and he or she wishes to shifts gears automatically as the vehicle's speed increases or decreases. The Drive mode is used for regular driving on the road.

L: Low Gear

The letter L on the gearshift stands for Low Gear. This mode is used for steep hills, towing, and driving in rough terrain. When the gear is in Low Gear, the transmission shifts to a lower gear, providing more torque to the wheels. This mode is also used when driving down steep slopes, as it provides engine braking and helps to slow down the vehicle.

1, 2, 3: Manual Shift Modes

The driver can choose the gear manually in some automatic transmissions' manual shift mode. The manual gearshifts that the driver can choose are denoted by the digits 1, 2, and 3. The driver can choose a lower gear to deliver greater power or a higher gear to increase fuel efficiency in this mode.


Although the symbols on an automatic transmission may initially be perplexing, they are crucial for effective and safe driving. Drivers may make the most of their vehicle's potential and prevent accidents by understanding the meaning of each symbol. Use the proper gear for the situation and always come to a complete stop before changing gears.

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